You can’t build reports. You need to export everything into a BI tool and work with an analyst to dig into data.
Completely no-code dashboard builder. Everyone can build reports.
Limited to preset dashboards with a small range of metrics
Feature Set
You can build funnels, trend reports, CRM property breakdowns, podcast attribution reports, and more.
Only works with cookies, and only tracks pageviews
Works with or without cookies & has retroactive event tracking
Monthly impression and engagement data
LinkedIn Influence
Daily account-based impression and engagement data including video metrics

Revenue Attribution Has Failed Marketers

In the beginning, it felt like attribution was going to be the thing that would finally allow marketers to be data-driven. But over time it was oversimplified, and now it's become a biased arbiter of truth in matters like:

This flawed view of attribution makes marketers prioritize superficial short-term gains at the expense of long-term growth.

If your attribution software says that Google drove the most last touch conversions last quarter, how do you convince leadership to keep investing in, let’s say, the podcast that you know impacts your pipeline and sales cycles, but never shows up in your attribution software?

Good news: HockeyStack reveals hidden touchpoints like podcast listens, gifting, ad impressions, brand campaigns, and much more. It serves as your best ally, demonstrating to leadership what truly drives results and persuading them to create more impactful and memorable marketing experiences, ultimately accelerating deals to the closed-won stage.

Below you’ll see why HockeyStack is unique for GTM teams.

Unlimited flexibility

We put customizability at the center of the product. With HockeyStack, you can build literally any report you need. And you can do it yourself, 100% no code. We understand that each team has unique needs, so we don’t force any preset dashboards and tech limitations on you.

Flexible dashboard builder
Account journeys

Better account journeys

Our account journeys feature two views: A simplified calendar view to present to your executives or have your sales team use for outreach. And a detailed timeline view for you to dig into how the account progressed in your funnel and why they converted.


Shorter time to value

You can set up HockeyStack in 5-10 minutes. All you need to do is copy and paste a line of code into your website and integrate your tech stack. We build your launch dashboards, customize them based on your needs, and deliver them within your first week.

Time to value
Linkedin impressions

LinkedIn Ads influence

We launched LinkedIn Ads impression tracking almost a year ago, before any other platform; which gave us the time to become the best at the craft. We get LinkedIn ad impressions and engagements on a daily basis while others get it monthly/quarterly. This allows you to find the real source behind "direct" conversions, and helps you get real-time marketing intent signals to assist your sales team.


More accurate

HockeyStack's proprietary web tracking technology and smart API integrations make it over 40% more accurate than competitors.

Podcast attribution

Tracks more data

If you have a podcast, if gifting a part of your strategy, if you are doing LinkedIn social, or if you have a ton of content on your website, your only bet is to use HockeyStack to see complete account journeys and attribute revenue to those touchpoints.


Works with or without cookies

We developed a proprietary cookieless web tracking technology to ensure the highest accuracy and highest adherence to privacy standards. Check out the documentation on cookieless tracking here. You can still switch back to cookie tracking at any time.


Top-notch support

After your initial setup, we have a call to go over your success metrics, build your first reports customized for you, and show you how you can build your own reports easily.

You can ask your CSM any question at any time through your Slack support channel. Completely free.

We also have HockeyStack Academy with product tips, playbooks, and advanced marketing guides.

levi olmstead from whatfix's hockeystack testimonial
Levi OlmsteadAssociate Director, Content Marketing @ Whatfix

Now we can nail down attribution!

HockeyStack identifies both contacts and companies that have engaged with any of our content at any time in their buying journey.

cameron dejong from raintree's hockeystack testimonial
Cameron DeJongDirector of Digital Marketing @ Raintree

34% increase in MQLs & 15% decrease in CAC

I can quickly see which marketing campaigns bring us the highest quality leads, pipeline influence, and ROI in a couple minutes.

william ballance from lavender's hockeystack testimonial
William M. BallanceCEO @ Lavender

Big fan of the platform and the team!

We're big fans of HockeyStack and use it at Lavender! Outside of the platform itself, love the team!

justin rowe from impactable's hockeystack testimonial
Justin RoweFounder @ Impactable

No one else came close!

HockeyStack changed the game when it comes to LinkedIn ads attribution.


"Why is everyone talking about HockeyStack?"

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