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Don’t just measure marketing influence.
Scale it.

Measure, forecast, predict, and grow revenue by combining attribution, lift analysis, and marketing mix modeling into one, unified measurement stack without blind spots.

Trusted by leading B2B businesses around the globe
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84% of marketers feel pressured to prove ROI.
Only 29% trust they can do it.

Data silos, complicated BI tools, manually wrangling data, and half-baked measurement stacks have stopped marketers from turning wasted spend into marketing contribution.
Here’s how we’re changing that:


Eliminate data silos by connecting marketing and sales data from every channel, tool, and platform

"We can connect all our data, attribute revenue to specific campaigns, and know where to invest more."

— Cameron DeJong, Director of Marketing, Raintree


Measure contribution by combining attribution, lift, and AI modeling into one, unified stack without blind spots

"We know which campaigns actually drive revenue, not just signups. The accuracy is higher than any platform I've used."

— Canberk Beker, Global Head of Paid, Cognism


Uncover hidden insights to fuel your next stage of growth, without clunky BI tools slowing you down.

"Most of our quarterly OKRs and target metrics are measured directly inside HockeyStack."

— Anand Nambiar, Head of Demand Gen, Oneflow


Go-to-market with confidence now that you know who to target, what to say, and where to say it

"I’ve been able to identify over 2x more content-attributed opportunities that were previously missed."

— Levi Olmstead, Director of Content, Whatfix

Measure without blind spots. Market without guessing.

Attribution zooms in on paid campaigns, creative, and owned media better than most sophisticated statistical algorithms. But it lacks the coverage and clarity to measure incremental contribution. How do you get both? By stacking attribution, lift analysis, and A.I. statistical modeling into one, unified measurement stack without blind spots.





Turn measurement into a profit center, not a cost center, with a GTM partner you won’t outgrow.

Easy enough to onboard in 2 weeks and use without any engineering support. Sophisticated enough to support the most complex marketing programs.

"Every once in a while you see a company and know it will be the next big thing. That’s HockeyStack for me"

Peep Laja, Founder & CEO, Wynter

Answer marketing’s most critical questions - in one platform

You don’t need another measurement point solution that just describes the past. You need answers to marketing’s most critical questions so you can also build the future.

Who is our ICP?

Who responds the best, closes the fastest, pays the most, and stays the longest?

How do they buy?

What content do they consume, what channels do they frequent, what demos do they watch, how do they decide?

What drives contribution?

Which brand and performance/online and offline activities have the most incremental influence on their purchase?

What burns money?

What programs can I cut without affecting sales or pipeline?

How do we grow more?

What should I do next to acquire more customers?

How much will it cost?

How many new customers can I get on my budget?

How much will we make?

How much revenue and profit will that generate?

How long will it take?

When will I hit my growth target?


Built for complex GTM teams with diverse channels and diverse needs. 99.9% uptime, SOC 2 certified, SAML SSO, audit logs.

Trust and compliance

GDPR and CCPA compliant. Data stored in Germany (EU compliant). Cookie-less or cookie-based tracking script (your choice).

Fast time to value

Integrate digital tools, ad platforms, and historical data in minutes. Onboard in two weeks. Dedicated slack channel and CS manager.

Cognism’s Demand Campaign Optimization with HockeyStack

Discover how the demand generation team at Cognism uses HockeyStack to gain radical alignment around revenue and optimize their inbound and outbound pipelines.

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"HockeyStack is an amazing end-to-end attribution tool! The amount of insights you could get is unmatched. It basically shows your funnels in another perspective."

— Canberk Beker, Global Head of Paid

Trusted by B2B leaders around the world

Their words, not ours.


How long does the setup and onboarding take?

The technical implementation takes a couple minutes. The onboarding process, including building initial dashboards, training, and adjusting takes 2 weeks on average.

What options does HockeyStack offer for dashboard customization?

Every column, metric, calculation, definition... basically, everything on HockeyStack is 100% customizable right through our easy-to-use UI.

What is cookieless tracking and how does it work?

Analytics platforms usually use cookies to track users. Use of cookies has recently come under scrutiny by privacy legislators, and have been severely restricted.

Everything you see here works without cookies by default. You still have the option to switch to cookie-based tracking. Read our article on our cookieless tracking technology to learn more.

How does HockeyStack identify and match contacts and companies across platforms?

Website activity is identified using form fills and existing identities from your backend. This is then matched to identities on all your other data sources using a matching key, most commonly their email address.

Where do you store the data? How privacy-friendly is HockeyStack?

We store your data on AWS servers in Frankfurt, Germany. We don't collect any personal information by default, including IP addresses. We follow GDPR and CCPA regulations. Read our privacy policy to learn more.

Turn wasted spend into marketing contribution with HockeyStack